Sunday, 8 July 2007

day trip to New York

Firstly need to tell you about my latest thing ... I have an eye infection, got it on Friday. It is making my left eye and nostril water constantly and the sinuses on left side of my face are soo sore. And now, I think I've got a cold on top of it. My eye is killing me, it's so so sore!!
Ok, so onto the important stuff ....
Yesterday was my day off and I decided to go to New York city for a few hours on the bus that camp provided for whoever wanted to go. Which ended up being 26 people.
We left at 8am and were on our way!
About an hour into the trip, there was a very loud banging noise and it lasted for about 20 seconds, so the driver pulled over and got out, did a walk around the bus, everything was still there, so we took off again. We stopped for a rest a little later at a weird little food court type thing on the side of the freeway where there was a McDonalds, Dunkin' Dougnuts and a few other food places.
About 20 minutes after that, a car pulled up alongside the bus and was pointing to the front tyre, so the driver pulled over again next to an on ramp and called his boss.
We were there for 2 hours, it was a fun 2 hours though for the most part! The Israeli's were not too impressed though, they were very downbeat about the whole thing. All the rest of us (that being about 14) had a great time, we took heaps of photos of the bus, the flat tyre, the driver, us being idiots, the guy who changed the tyre, the new tyre, the state trooper who came to tell us off for being on the side of the road, the guys who pulled over to see if we needed a hand, the guys who pulled over and gave us water. Great times!!!
We finally got to New York and the driver; he was sooo nice, told us we could be there for an extra hour becuase of the delay, so we didn't have to meet the bus til 9pm.
Went to Victorias Secret (SALE), bought phone cards, had lunch at an Irish Pub, went to Virgin Mega store in Times Square and lastly went to M & M's World!!! That is like the coolest shop in New York, I got a green travel mug, scrapbooking M & M's stickers, dark chocolate peanut M&M's and Almond M&M's Megan and I combined our purchases and also got half a pound of normal peanut M&M's for free!!! We got home at 1.15am, we were supposed to be back by 11.30 at the latest. Great day though!!!
Later ...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Tiff and Taz,
Yet another interesting read from the pages of Tiff and Taz's working holiday journal!!!

Great to read you are making the most out of any situation!!!! You continue to have adventures, both painful and fun no matter where you are!!!

You Gals ROCK!!!

Keeping it real!!!
love Justine X

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