Monday, 28 May 2007

last days

Well, I had my last day of work today, I can now join the unemployed line in centrelink. I am officially unemployed! It feels good in a strange way, I may never go back to work at Toyota ever again ...


Hey peeeps,
well tiff has been helping me in stayin in contact with now i am on this.....other wise i would not be bothered. Soo every one thank her!!!
Well no more work any more... i am a bludger!!!! Which has always been my lifes ambition!! Well only for five months...
well i have no real importance in what i am i will type when i am over until next weekish!!! well until then...luv you all

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

tickets Tickets TICKETS!!!!!

Taz and I went and picked up our stuff from the travel agent today!!! We went through STA to organise our entire trip, our lovely travel agent was Julie from RMIT. She has been on a contiki herself (similar to the one we are going on), so she has some experience with that part of our trip and has given us some very important advice about some of the optional extras you can go on, which I think we should take note of :)
We got our contiki packages, our tickets, transfer and hotel info and I got my insurance info (Taz got insurance through CCUSA so didn't have to worry about all that extra paperwork).
So it's all going ahead now, there is no going back ....
On this day in two weeks, we will be in LA, having coffee maybe, who knows!
Later ...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

2 weeks to go!

This time in 13 days Taz and I will be at the airport, checking in, for our flight at noon on our way to LAX!!! Thats just a bit exciting.

Friday, 18 May 2007

the Moron with the car

You remember how I put up on Tuesday about the guy at work, then on Wednesday about the quotes, well.
Huh, well, I have found out that the $200 I gave him he pocketed. Thats right, he's not even going to pretend to go and get the dint fixed, he just put the money straight into his pocket. I mean, what a moron.
When he came in on Tuesday and told me I had dinted his car, I started to cry, I can't afford this.
Not now.
And, he was so sincere about it all, only 2 months old, reselling value, ect.
I only have 6 more shifts at work. I am not getting any more money after that. Not until I finish up at camp. I barely have any savings right now because I am trying to pay all my bills before I go so nothing gets disconnected or anything like that. I'm kinda freaking out about the money situation, I can't believe he did that to me. I didn't have a care about money until this happened.
Oh well, at least I'm not involved now, so thats a good thing.
I just want to scream at him. He's not going to use it the way it was intended to be used.

hours in flight time

I was a bit bored at work today, and well, I figured out how many hours exactly we will be spending on airplanes (just the bits where we are actually flying and getting very tired arms).
It's kinda scary when you think about it. I mean as in the amount of time we will be spending over large water areas... LOST. Yes, I know it's not real, but still...
Anyway, the total is ..... 65 hours, 5 minutes. Or 2 days, 17 hours and 5 minutes.
More news, it seems another person from Perlman is going to be leaving the same day as us as well. She is from Brisbane and Taz and I will hopefully be meeting up with her in New Zealand on our connecting flight to LAX.
It also dawned on me today that this time next month I will be somewhere completely unknown to me with a bunch of people I don't know!
17 days!!!
2 weeks and 3 days til we leave!!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

the outcome

The guy at work got back to me about his car door last night.
He comes over and says, "I'm glad you're sitting down, you might not like this."
So he shows me the quote he got from the Toyota registered repairer. It was 2 pages long and was going to cost $850! Which meant I would be better off calling my insuranc company and paying the excess of $500. I was horrified, after all all it is is a small dint in the rear door, on the quote there were like 30 things that needed to be done.
I told him, "No Way am I paying for that!"
Then he said, "Hang on, I went to my local guy, told him what happened and that you are leaving to go overseas in 3 weeks and he said he would not put it on the books and gave me this." And he handed me a business card with a quote of $200 and it was signed by the owner.
I said, "Ok, I have the money here now, I thought you would come over today to tell me what was happening," I pulled 4 crisp $50 notes out of my wallet, "If I give you this, I will not hear anything more about this?"
"No, thats it."
18 days til we leave!!!
22 days til camp!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Bad things always happen in 3's

Last night I was at my parents place and their psycho cat went crazy because she didn't realise I was behind her and scratched the hell out my hand (stung like crazy) and made me bleed everywhere, went though masses of tissues trying to stop the bleeding from my little finger. When I went home was feeling rather ill, felt like I was gonna throw up and stuff. I thought, if I'm feeling like this in the morning, I'll call in sick and I'll go to the doctors. When I got up this morning I was feeling great! Crisis over. Or so I thought....
This morning I got to work nice and early, half closed the front car door (it tends to lock itself quite a bit, gotta be careful) and opened the back door of my car so I could grab my bag. Then I realised I hadn't grabbed my access card so I could get inside work. So, I left the back door open and leaned in the front door to grab the card from the console. As I was doing this a massive gust of wind came up and banged both doors into the 2 month old Rav4 parked next to me. I quickly reached up and grabbed the front door. Then I locked my car and came into start my shift. I forgot about it and got to work for the day.
About an hour ago a guy who I work with comes in the front door, holding his car keys and asks me if I parked my car next to a silver Rav when I came in this morning. I said "Yes, I did"
"Did anything happen when you parked? Did one of your doors hit my car at all?"
"Oh no! When my doors got blown open by the massive wind gust did it leave leave a mark on your car? I didn't realise they had actually made contact"
"Yes, but, I managed to rub off the mark from the front door, but the back door left a dint and took a bit of paint off as well."
"I'm so sorry, there was a huge gust of wind and it blew my doors open. I'm so sorry! I would have told you straight away when I came in, if I had known it was your car! Well, you had better figure this out quickly, I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks, so get to it and get it repaired so I can pay before I go"
"How much is your excess? Is it the usual, $500? Because if it is, it probably isn't going to cost that much to get fixed, what I can do is just go see my repairer and whatever he quotes you can pay, it'll probably only be about $100"
By now I'm so upset, I don't need this!!! That's money I need to live off when I go away.
This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening!! Where am I going to get this money from?
I should have just called in sick, then this would never have happened.
There's one more thing that has to happen now you know; bad things always happen in threes to me.

3 weeks from today, Taz and I are leaving the country.

This time next month, Taz and I will be in the USA!!! In Pennsylvania!!! At CAMP!!
It's kinda getting to the stage where I'm soo soo soo excited, but, freaking out as well. There is so much stuff I still need to get done and I've only got 3 more weeks from today to do it in!! Scary!!
Well, later.

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