Sunday, 16 September 2007


Hey again. Two posts in two days ... well, I am leaving tomorrow ...
So, yesterday Jo had a great idea as what we should do today while in London ... she went online and looked it up and so we did it.
We went to Hillsong Church London. They meet in a Theatre in the West End. It's actually the one where We Will Rock You is playing.
Such a great service. It's the first time I've been to church since May, and was sooo good!!
It took us a while tofind it ... but we did eventually!!
Anyway, thats it, I'm leaving tomorrow at 2.30pm. Arriving back at 9.20am on Wednesday.
So Sad!!!!
Later ...

Saturday, 15 September 2007

going home ... update

So, as I said earlier, I will be coming back early ... actually in a few days, Wednesday 19th September at 9.20am.
So, been in London for 2 days now ... gotta tell you what happened after we left Amsterdam.
So, we left at 8am, had been on the road for nearly 2 hours and the bus lost all power. We hadn't even had a service stop yet. Anyway, had jusat enough power to get through a tunnel and pulled over. We couldn't stay there indeffinately, so a tow truck was called and we were towed (first contiki bus ever to be towed apparantly) and left on the side of an off ramp. We were there for 7 hours. Oh, also, we were the first bus to be in Belgium longer than a few hours.
Now, a lot of us were busting for toilets, and where we were, all that could be seen was fields and trees, a tram line and a small parking lot next to a building of some sort.
We ended up going for a walk to explore and see if there were any toilets anywhere around.
Ended up at the office building. Pressed the buzzer a guy let us in to use their toilets. Yay!!
Another thing, our tour manager Ian was going to be leaving us at Calais to join another tour because there were not enough tour managers and he had to take a group on a 10 day tour.
So, finally, after 7 hours of boringness, the bus was ready to go. But, the other bus had been held up and now had to find us on the road so Ian could jump on other bus. And, Baja our driver is only allowed to be on the road for a certain amount of time every day, so, because we were held up for so long, she didn't have enopugh time to go all the way still to London.
We had to get a replacement bus. From Belgium. It took us to Calais. We got on the ferry as foot passangers, said goodbye to Europe and then at the other end we got out and had to find the contiki bus in Dover that was taking us back to the hotel. At least we had a stand in manager to help us!!
Stayed the night at one of the guys we met on contiki's place.
We got into Royal National at 11.30pm.
Really funny thing happened yesterday, Taz and I met up with Joanna and were walking around, and we bumped into one of the guys we were on contiki with!! So weird!!
Umm, wehats been happening ... today we (Taz, Jo and I) went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace ... turns out, it's only every second day, so it wasn't on today. However, we did see the changing of some guards, they were on horseback near Downing St.
We went on the London Eye. And went to Harrods. Harrods is soooooo big!!!
We saw Al Fayed ... whats his name??? Anyway, he was in Harrods, we saw him. He gave a guy who was collecting money for charity $200, and a couple of Viagra tablets!!
Anyway ... thats it for now ...
Later ....

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

going home ....

Well, i have changed my flight times, i am now leaving London on the 18 September and arriving at Melbourne at 9.20 am on 20th September.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

the end ....

Am in Amsterdam now, second last day of trip ... so sad!! But, so good as well, we are all starting to get on each others nerves! Alot!!
There are only 25 of us on trip and of those, only 4 eligable guys, there are seven all together, but, two are married and doing this Contiki with their wives and one of the boys is gay.
So, well ... I have spent the last two travel days writing postcards, which i will be posting tomorrow in Amsterdamage. Just got back from a sex show, am planning (I hope to go out for something interesting later tonight).
Anyway, looking into coming home early as I have run out of money ... am going to find an STA in morning and see if I can change flights. A bit sad a bout that, but, I 'm not going to be able to stay in London if I have no money.
Later ...

Saturday, 1 September 2007

More on Italy

So, today we arrived in Venice. Tomorrow we explore. Yay!!

On the way to Venice we stopped for an hour or so at Sirmione, a little medieval town with a little castle in front. Very cute!!

Had gelati, yum.

Spent yesterday in Rome. It was amazing. Went to the Sisten Chapel and St Peters Baslica. Then onto Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Fantastic!!! Ate gelati in front of the Trevi Fountain. Really really great day. Although, I must say getting the train was definately an experience. But, we made it back to the camp site in ojne piece which was good stuff.

Tomorrow is actually the annual gondola races in Venice. So, hopefully will be anle to catch some of the action while wandering around.

The other night after exploring Florence, we had a Tuscan dinner, not that good actually. then went to Space Electronica Discoteque. So much fun!!! I was the first person to get up and sing karaoke, everyone else was too scared, I did my usual, Its Raining Men. Good night!!

So, Later ....

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


So ... I am in an internat cafe in Italy, Firenze. It is so beautiful here!! Today has been a really nice slightly warm day compared to the last week, where it was stinking hot everywhere. After Boujoulai wine region we went to Barcelona for a day, saw a flamenco show one night. Then we went to Nice and Monaco two days ago. Monaco was like being in the Truman Show. Everything is so perfect, it was really un-natural. Taz and I felt really out of place there. Yesterday we travelled to Italy. We had our first service stop in Italy, afectionatley known as the Pizza sercie, becasue it's the first time you get to have really Italian pizza.
Oh, I should mention, between the border of Italy to our accomodation in Florence there are 187 tunnels. I counted them, was determined I was not going to spend the whole day on the bus asleep like everyone else.
Umm ... well, I don't have much time left on the computer, so I'll leave it there.

Friday, 24 August 2007


Hey there guys .... well, it´s been a while ....
So, what have I been up too??
After leaving camp ... actually, it was more of a getting kicked out ... We were all driven to some place called Moticello ... there was a bus port there, bus was full left without us, we got on another bus which took us to some random town in the middle of nowhere. Got on another bus, finally got into New Yorkl City at 1 or something. We left camp at 8am. It´s usually a 3 hour drive.
Taz and I got a room at Jazz on the City after we found out there were no free rooms in the city ... walked in, there were 4 guys in it!! Interesting ... made some new friends who live in London and have been at camp as well.
Got to JFK at 6am for our flight at 9am. It was then delayed for 2 hours. Got to LAX and walked around to international terminal .... the queue went out the door and down the side of the walkway. We just walked up to the front door and were told we could go dtraight into book in, becasue we had no bags to check in.
That was pretty cool.
After waiting on the runway for a while we finally took off. Got into Heathrow, we waited on the runway again for ages.
Onto the contiki!!!! YAY!!!!
So, we left London at 6am I think it was. Straight onto Paris. Very nice, spent the day wandering around, went to a little place for dinner in Montmart. Had snails and duck. Drank way way way too much!!!
Then we went to a cabaret. Drank a lot more. I had so much to drink I threw up for the first time ever in my life. Of course in the morning I did not have a hangover. Yay. I lost my glasses. Didn´t get them back. Can´t see.
There´s another insurance claim I need to make.
Good night though!! Oh, also, turns out one of the girls on the tour, I used to work with at Hungry Jacks, Katherine. So freaky!!
Onto Beujolai Wine Region. The night we got there, we had a party in ´the cave´ their nightclub at the Chateu, it was a beach theme. A few of the staff went in bikinis. Funny as, especially their tan lines!! We all went for a walk to ´The Top of The World´ the next day and had a lovely picnic. Really nice!!
Today we left there and drove all the way to Barcelona. 12 hours in a bus. Not yay.
Anyway, gotta stop now, my time has nearly run out and I have no more change for the computer.

Friday, 17 August 2007

leaving tomorrow ...

Well, our camp adventure is nearly over, Taz and I leave tomorrow. At 8am. It's actually time to go to bed, but, well, I didn't realise what the time was until a few minutes ago.
Sent a couple of packages home today, so Kellie, keep your eyes open for one :)
All the packages actually didn't cost as much as I thought they would. so that was good. I even had enough cash to pay instead of using my credit card.
Everyone has been drinking most of the night, but, I was trying to jam as much stuff into my bag as possible! If you want, or have a facebook account, look me up and check out some of my photo's. There aren't all my photos there, but a couple is better than none!!
So, it is deffinately time for bed ...
Later ....

Sunday, 5 August 2007

harry potter & philly

Other stuff I didn't mention, that I should have, I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in a day and a half. I have also read My Sisters Keeper and Ninteen Minutes both by Jodi Picoult. Really good, loved them both.
The day off before last I went to Philly, Philadelphia is beautiful!! It's kinda like the Sunshine Coast except there's more people. It's so relaxed and no car horns honking constantly. Went to South St and had lunch at a great Turkish place. Also went to a little shop called Guacamole, it was a funky little clothing shop, I almost bought a top like a massive hanky. But, it was like $45, a bit to expensive. Saw the decleration of independance. Walked up the Rocky steps (sorry ,I mean, ran) photo's, photo's and more photo's. Saw the LOVE sign.
Yesterday was a day off for me again and I went to Binghamton. Again. Got some esentials for the rest of the trip, travel space bags, a new maglite; finally. I don't know if I said about the pios being idiots and stealing and killing my new pink one. Well, I got a nice silver one, becuase they don't have any pink in stock. It's still good though, camp are giving me my money back once I can give them the receipt for the new maglite. I also printed a few photos (about 150) and tried on heaps of clothes. I bought two new tops, and underwear, everything gets ruined by the laundry company and well, washing by hand only gets you so far.
Well, I have to go, getting The Look.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

it's been a while ...

Well, where do I start?
I can barely remember the last few days, let alone a few weeks!
Been having fun, have been in woodwork part of arts and crafts recently. But woodwork has now finished for the rest of summer. Yay! It's just arts & crafts now, if I'm needed.
Every summer towards the end of camp there is an event called maccabiah (mac-ca-bi-a) No one knows when it is going to start, but when it does, it goes for 3 days. The entire camp is split into two and everyone in each team gets a t-shirt with the team colour and the name of the team written on it. It's basically a colour war, if you know what that is. Anyway, Taz and I were on the same team, red, and this years two teams were "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (the original with Gene Wilder) and "The Wizard of Oz" I spent the entire three days holed up in arts and crafts working on costumes, a plaque, a banner, decorations, costumes, decorating a golf cart. All kinds of things. I was working 9.30am til 3.30a everyday. It was so much fun!!!
Taz and I were on "The Wizard of Oz" team. I made a tornado out of chicken wire on the first day (for the golf cart). Then Taz and Amy started working on other items for decorationg Sobel Hall for the final part on the third night. Using chicken wire. We all are covered in cuts from the wire. Taz and Amy made a horse out of wire, it was the most impressive thing we made. I also made the wicked witches legs complete with red shoes out of wire.
So, anyway, turns out we were prety behind blue during the final rounds of the war. But, red came through, Red Won!!!!!! By 140 points!!!! I was so impressed with all the work everyone put in! Sobel looked amazing, before the kids destroyed it, one side (the stage) was ours, complete with emerald city on the stage and blue had the front entrance.
The kids leave in 5 days!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!
Anyway, better get going.
Later ...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

day trip to New York

Firstly need to tell you about my latest thing ... I have an eye infection, got it on Friday. It is making my left eye and nostril water constantly and the sinuses on left side of my face are soo sore. And now, I think I've got a cold on top of it. My eye is killing me, it's so so sore!!
Ok, so onto the important stuff ....
Yesterday was my day off and I decided to go to New York city for a few hours on the bus that camp provided for whoever wanted to go. Which ended up being 26 people.
We left at 8am and were on our way!
About an hour into the trip, there was a very loud banging noise and it lasted for about 20 seconds, so the driver pulled over and got out, did a walk around the bus, everything was still there, so we took off again. We stopped for a rest a little later at a weird little food court type thing on the side of the freeway where there was a McDonalds, Dunkin' Dougnuts and a few other food places.
About 20 minutes after that, a car pulled up alongside the bus and was pointing to the front tyre, so the driver pulled over again next to an on ramp and called his boss.
We were there for 2 hours, it was a fun 2 hours though for the most part! The Israeli's were not too impressed though, they were very downbeat about the whole thing. All the rest of us (that being about 14) had a great time, we took heaps of photos of the bus, the flat tyre, the driver, us being idiots, the guy who changed the tyre, the new tyre, the state trooper who came to tell us off for being on the side of the road, the guys who pulled over to see if we needed a hand, the guys who pulled over and gave us water. Great times!!!
We finally got to New York and the driver; he was sooo nice, told us we could be there for an extra hour becuase of the delay, so we didn't have to meet the bus til 9pm.
Went to Victorias Secret (SALE), bought phone cards, had lunch at an Irish Pub, went to Virgin Mega store in Times Square and lastly went to M & M's World!!! That is like the coolest shop in New York, I got a green travel mug, scrapbooking M & M's stickers, dark chocolate peanut M&M's and Almond M&M's Megan and I combined our purchases and also got half a pound of normal peanut M&M's for free!!! We got home at 1.15am, we were supposed to be back by 11.30 at the latest. Great day though!!!
Later ...

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

independance day

Happy July 4th!!
Wow, what a day. Today was supposed to be a carnival at camp, but, it rained, so everthing was moved inside building.
Sideshow games were in Sobel Hall, Rides were in the gym and prizes, cotton candy, soda and sno kones were in the chapel.
The kids were also supposed to be spending half the day at the pool and half at the carnival so everyone had a chance at all the stuff without bigger kids being able to push in front of the smaller kids. No pool because of the rain!
Every morning since I ripped off my toenail I have had to go to the medical centre on camp to get them to put a new dressing on my toe, so they usually wrap it in brown stuff that sticks to only itself and nothing else. Well, this morning they decided to make me patriotic, and wrapped it in red and blue instead of the usual brown!! It was a pity no one can see it because I have to wear shoes and socks all the time.
I bought a new pair of crocs on Saturday my first day off. They are mary janes and pink!! Taryn also has a pair of crocs as well, she got a pair of beach in pink a few weeks back because she was sick of wearing thongs everywhere or having to put on shoes and socks when its easier to just slip on a pair of crocs. We both only paid $30 for them.
This Saturday for my day off I'm going to New York with others from camp. Looking forward to a great day out!!
Better get going, its just stopped raining extrememly hard so I might try to make a break for it and get back to my cabin!!
Later ....

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I'm an idiot!!

Hi again guys!

I have a tan! I didn't have anything better to do the other day, so was helping out the athletics department with cleaning up the boys side baseball field. I got so burned!! But, now it has evened out and i'm nice and brown.

Tuesday night was the first divisional night for Junior girls and boys. It was a pool party. I was sitting outside the pool and had just taken off my flip-flops, I have a really noticable tan line on my feet, it looks like I've got on my thongs even when I don't!!!

So, as you can probably guess from this, it has been pretty hot and humid over the last few days. and finally the nights have gotten a little warmer, I don't need to go to bed with all my winter clothes on and anything else I can find to keep me warm!

It seems like no one is ever happy with the weather, its either too hot or too cold. And today turned out to be a Melbourne day!!!

After the pool party on Tuesday night we had our first official night off (except of course for those who were sitting od, On Duty). Went into Hancock, which is about 15 minutes away to go to the pub and have a few drinks. Unfortunately, if you were under 21 and decided to go and also had no fake id saying you were over 21, there is nothing else to do.

It was also kinda scary walking in Hancock, before we got off the bus that dropped us off, the driver told us to not walk around alone. And, as we were all walking towards the pub, there were all these menacing guys standing around. Then it hit me, the fact that I'm in a small town, in America where the residents are allowed to carry guns. I'm never walking anywhere alone in Hancock of a night.

Anyway, that was 5 days ago when I wrote the above. Taz got burned yesterday, her legs and shoulders are sooo red, I bought aloe vera gel today on my day off for her to put on. Oh, and she has been putting on sunscreen all day everyday, so it's not that.

I will now explain why this post is called "I'm an idiot"

Last night, I was walking up the steps of my bunk (number 13) and I tripped, I wacked my left hand and my left shoulder on the post next to the steps and my left big toe on the step above that I had missed. Two of my cabin mates were on the porch and were asking me if I was ok and I just got up and said "Yes, I'm, owww fine, owww, but my toe is really sore". I walked into the cabin then looed down at my foot, half my toenail had disappeared. Instead there was a lovely exposed area that was oozing blood. Extremely painful. Oh, the reason I did so much damage to my foot, I was wearing thongs. So, cut a long story short, I'm not allowed to wear open toed shoes for the rest of summer and am hobbling everywhere.


Monday, 25 June 2007

tiff is next to ME!!! on the next computer!!!

Boka tov,
well tiff is next to me on the computer and she is writing about our latest adventures like our knew names and how we got them... i am Shazza and tiff is trish... so read her blog for that one....well the kids arrived yesterday yay....i am not in a kids bunk soo that rocks...they are pretty cool... kids... i cant write much more because i have to be at the waterfront in 9 mins... sooo yeah...hope every one is doing well.... and i miss every one heaps and heaps....
and i'll cya later....
ps: people plz write letters... its lonley here... and every one else is getting letters....plz plz plz....
any who.....turkish kiss for u all.....

reviewing the past week

Well, it's been a week, maybe more since the last posting.
It's been pretty full on. We had staff training week and didn't stop all week.
Yesterday was my first day back in the office, I am in there with another lady called Ronnie, she is the office manager. And Diane, who has absolutely no idea about what to do in an office at all. But, she is nice.
Taz and I have new names as well, I am now called Trish (there was a vote of about 7 people on Friday night and they all agreed I look like a Trish and so, that is now my new name at camp.
Also, the other night we had international day planning. Taz is now known as Shaz. She did not volunteer, it was thrust upon her!
On the first day of staff training week we had the annual Chili Cook Off. My team did not win, but, considering what the ingredients looked like before we put them in, it turned out to taste fantastic!
Also, on Saturday night we had the annual staff talent night. That was pretty funny!
Good night until one of the kitchen staff got up and did a very erotic dance to a Shakira song.
And, amazingly, most of the boys were turned off by it!
Another thing we did, on Thursday we all went out to the nearest massive shopping mall, and bought two pairs of Sketchers for $50 and a heap of Roxy clothing really cheap. Went to the movies and saw Shrek the Third. And, went to Wal-mart. Oh.My.Goodness!!!! Wal-mart is fantastic!!! I bought a mag lite for $8 and it's the real thing! Also, got a massive packet of Junior Mints (Blake got me addicted on the first day I was here).
I Love Wal-Mart and Old Navy and TJ Max. Great shops. So many bargains.
Anyway, gotta go!! Better Spend soma quality time with my campers!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

Bek is for u!!!!!

Bek bek YOung,
i just checked my free voice message thing and u left me a message!!!! like the day after i left tell me that i will be missing out on M>>>>BOOOBS. i am spewin well i know u well have a great time.... thanks for the message it was great to hear a voice i reconized!!! thanks LUV U YEAPS

movies, bbq, first camp fire for the summer!!

If all my days are as boring as the last few, and I am lucky enough to sit in front of a computer screen as well, you may be getting lots of updates on whats going on.

I suppose that is a good point of being in the office every afternoon. When I need to write stuff, I don't need to worry about waiting for a day or night off to do it!

So, all I've been doing since last Sunday is manning the phones in the office. It's not too bad, but, at the same time I would love to be out doing other stuff, like cleaning the art craft room, anything where I'm not all alone in a room by myself, even Joe's gone off somewhere til Sunday, so I really am in the office all by myself :(

Last night we had our first camp fire night. It was so much fun! Itay and Amitai who are both great musicians spent the afternoon setting up a little area for their instruments, speaker, mics and music and we all sat around the fire and they also had an open mic, so a few people got up and sang, David from London also sang a few songs. They're all fantastic players of instruments, but, unforntunately, not much on the singging front, so hopefully some great singers come in today on the staff bus.

Thats the other thing, at the moment, there are about 60 or 70 of us at camp, today we are expecting most of the rest of the staff to arrive, so thats like, 120/130 more people, but, they're not all coming today, some will be arriving throughout this weekend, so, by Sunday night, we will be at our full compliment of 200 staff so we can start Staff Week on Sunday night!

Then the first kids arrive on Sunday 24th June.

Later ...

Thursday, 14 June 2007

It's Over!!! yay!!

Hey guys,
sorry if i am not keepibng people up to date as much as tiff!!! I have just finished a 6 days life guarding course!!! I am now a Professional Life guard!!! yay.... who ever thought i would be able to finish that??? not me!!! it was good i learnt alot...which my normal first aid never tought me!!! so it was good..... I am sun burnt at the moment we had our practical exams today so we spent most of the day in the was good fun. we just finished a bbq dinner it was great!!!! the sun was straight on my face and stinging it...but i will get over it!!! ( i think i am just randonmly typing anything at this stage) any way.... last nite the camp took us 60 staff members to the movies... i chooooose to see Pirates 3! it was great but i was sooo tired i got up at 6am that morning to see the state of origin.....yay go QLD!!!! and the movie did not finish untilm1:30am the next mornin so it was an extreeeemmmmmlllly long day for me!!!! then i had my exams today!!!! ahhh well i passed thats all that matters!!
i wont be checkin my emails every day from tomorrow cos we have the rest of staff we are bootin up to 200 staff from 60 stafff.... but i will try to get to this as often as i can!!!!
if not read tiffs she will keep every one posted on what i am doin!!!!
Well luv u allllll.....

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ILC (Island Lake Camp or I Like Camp)

I just wrote this whole big thing about this and then lost the connection, lost it all. Now I've gotta do it again.
So, here goes ...
Last night ... oh my goodness, last night we went to Island Lake Camp to play.
On Sunday at lunch Joe (camp director) told us we had been invited to another local camp in the area to learn a new game called KongPong, that they had invented and thoght we night want to play with our kids when they get here.
So, as we are driving up to their camp, driving though their camp grounds and all their buildings look brand new, like they were built last week kind of thing. Their lake was 20 times bigger that our lake. With a pool that is twice the size of ours as well. But, we do have a better slide than them.
Anyway, as we pull up in our 7 minivans right next to their 6 tennis courts with lighting, right next to their lake. they are playing a game on the tennis courts. They stop, in unison and start clapping and chanting. Now I don't mean normal clapping I mean *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* rythmic clapping *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* they were the worst kind of clappers, they were Happy Clappers. They also threw in some WHOOing as well.
We start getting a little worried. What have we got ourselves into??
So, the camp director welcomes us and we all start mingling and getting into teams combing both our camps, BBPC (sorry, I don't think I have given the full name of camp yet, it is B'nai B'rith Perlman Camp) and ILC.
My team consisted of: BBPC Graeme, Amber, Taryn, me. ILC Lauren, Dustin and Aaron.
Okay, so onto the rules of this brand new fast spreading game, KongPong. It is a cross between tennis (you play on a tennis court), volleyball (you use a volleyball) and soccer (you can hit the ball with our feet and head as well as your hands). One player serves, when you serve, you can hit or kick the volleyball from anywhere behind the back line. The ball must get over to the other side of the court, the other team. The ball must bounce once between each person hiting/kicking it. It can only be hit/kicked 3 times before it must get to the other side of the net and the other team has posession of it. If the volleyball bounces more than once, it is out.
Some of the teams had only a few members 6 or 7 while other teams were up to 15, which made playing a lot harder because there wasn't much room in their court for bouncing balls.
Some of the teams were really into it. I must admit, we were a bit, but not as much as some of the other teams. They were doing chants and more clapping before they faced each new team. Some of them were rather strange. There was one team who had three girls (I think they were sisters) who were all wearing black tank tops, black legings and bright green shorts. They were pretty into it. Very competitive. One girl in the team next to us was wearing fluro yellow shorts and had painted her legs yellow as well. I must admit however, we did some clapping at one stage before a game .... we decided, never again.
Taz and I think there were only about 2 or 3 Aussies there, and we only knew that because they were wearing Footy jerseys (one guy had a western bulldogs jersey). But, most of them were Americans. We've got spirit yes we do! BBPC is mostly Israelis, Russians and Aussies with a few Americans thown in.
Aaron was like the captain I suppose, he was always telling us "We're doing Great!" Dustin was the guy who got all the long shots or Taz got to them first. And Lauren, all the ILC guys were constantly picking on her. Poor girl. When they left her alone, she was pretty good at playing KongPong. At one point, she was up to serve and we had just had another rotation, so all the teams around us stopped and started clapping and chanting "Lauren! Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!" And our opposing team was so into it they completely missed hitting the ball! That was pretty funny!! Amber was pretty good at serving and so was everyone else. Graeme just turned up when no one else was there to do a great hit of the ball. If my life had depended on my serving the ball I would be dead now. Not once did I manage to get the volleyball over that bloody net! I wasn't very good, but I did manage to get a few good hits and kicks in at various points of the evening. That was a good point of my team, everyone had a chance at everything. A few of the others from BBPC were telling me once their team found out they were particularily good or bad at something they were put in one place and not allowed to go anywhere else.
We got talking to the ILC guys in our team and found out they some of them have been there for 3 weeks!
So, after about an hour of playing KongPong we all got back together in the centre of the courts and the *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* rythmic clapping *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* and don't forget, WHOOing as well, began again.
Then they all formed a path to the end gate of the tennis courts with their hands out and we each had to run through the centre of them all with our hands out and give each other 5 as we left their camp, slapping them 5s. And of course, there was more WHOOOing. It all was rather bizzar.
I think of it as they have been in the Big Brother house for 3 weeks, they have not had any outside contact in that time apart from themselves (when more people come in from the "outside") and we are like intruders into their "house".
So, when we eventually left (counting a total of 12 tennis courts in what we saw of the camp), we thought they must have been on drugs or something, they were so darn happy!
We got back to BBPC and as we all pulled up and got out of the minivans we all started clapping in unison. So funny!!
Taz is like right next to me now, she says "Hi! Love you Ev, Leah and Bek bek bek". i am running late for my life guarding course....see what i do for u girls!!!
Taz just had a test yesterday, which she was studying for like a madwoman and of course passed.
Don't forget to send us some mail!!! We are sooo out in the middle of no-where if you can tell my the company we kept last night! Anyway, thats enough typing for one day I think.
Later ...

Monday, 11 June 2007

im in!!!

HEy guys,
well it has taken me a week to figure out how to get into this program...i could not remember what login and password i put i had to hack my way\any who... i am sure tiff has been keeping every one up to date....i have been doing my life guarding course its pretty fun... had our first exam today out of three...i passed which was a great start... havin a great time here...not many people around at the moment....but we will have all our staff here on firday so then 200 people will be here and make this huge camp look like some thing is going on.....well i gtg lunch it took me ages to get into this page...soooo slow computers!!! ahh well it has the net sooo thats pretty cool.... mum and dad when u read this can u send me ur email addresss so i can write u guys an email..... thanks u
and piece out!!!!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

camp stuff

Ok, Taz and I arrived yesterday with about 20 other people on a bus from New York to Camp. It was supposed to be a 3 hour trip but it took more like 4 and a half hours instead. But that was okay as I slept most of the way. The kids don't arrive until 23rd of the month. Until then Taz is currently doing a life guarding course and I am helping to clean up and tidy the art craft room (Huge job!) I am going to be doing art and crafts with JB and Aaron and Bonnie in the mornings then working in the office in the afternoons.
Today is Shabbat so the office is not open, but starting tomorrow afternoon I will be in the office answering phones and passing on messages to the camp director and others.
JB was pulling stuff out of the storage room this morning and came across boxes of stuff that belonged to people who are no longer working here. The boxes had clothes and stuff in them so JB, Blake and I were going through everything claiming clothing for our own. I now have another pair of sneakers and some more long pants to keep warm (it gets pretty cold of a night time) I also lost my boxers today, I wore them to bed last night then this arvo I was in my room tidying and they are no longer there! I'm hoping they are hiding underneath something else and I will find them tonight otherwise I won't have anything to bed!
Well, I will be getting some photos up soon, as I now have access to a nice new computer and I can plug my camera in no problems.
Until then,

x we are here x

Well, hello avid readers!
Taz and I are now at camp!!! We arrived about 2 hours ago (5.45ish) and then had tea. Which was absolutely scrumptious! But, enough about that, I need to tell you about New York.
We got in at our hotel at about 11.30 last night and decided to go for a walk down to times square, since it is only a few blocks away. It was a little further than a few blocks but that was ok as were both quite hungry and ended up having Maccas for tea, so we needed to work off the junk food.
So, we get to Times Square and it is packed! It was like walking around Melbourne at about 9 in the morning. We took masses of photos (unfortunately I can't post them as there is no way for me to connect my camera to the computers at camp). It was amazing! But, the smell was horrible, we reckon we experienced about 50 new smells like never before!
We both bought a painting each of New York (was $20 each, but we got him down to $15 for both).
On the way back to the hotel (sorry, Y it was a dive the room was about as big as a closet) we saw a couple of black guys kissing; and I mean KISSING. I think they got more into it the closer we got to them. So, we just ignored them and kept walking.

Garbage on the street/sidewalk in New York City.

We got back at about 2.30am and went to bed. Up at 7.30am and we went to find more food for breakfast and a looonnnggg walk to the Empire State building, which we ended up not getting to because we ran out of time, but we got some more awesome photos as well at the Chrysler Building (which was just around the corner from the Y). Made the bus to camp with time to spare and now, we are at camp!! Oh, I should also mention the bus driver, he was really cool and got us completely lost! But we obviously made it safe and sound. There is so much stuff happening in New York, it truly is the city that never sleeps.
Taz says "Hi!"

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

the first leg ....

Hi all, well, after a few delays and a lot of being held up we finally made it to LAX!!!
After Taz and I finally got through the gate when everyone was saying goodbye, our flight was delayed for 50 minutes!! I had a grand total of $11 in Aussie money so decided to try to spend some of it since we had to wait for what we thougtht was such a long time. I didn't spend it.
When we finally got on the flight, the food was amazing, I have never had airline food that tasted so good before! So, make sure you all fly with AirNew Zealand when going international. We each had our own personal TV screen (on both legs) and got to choose what we wanted to see or listen to. And also got to choose which one of the two dishes.
Taz started watching Wild Hogs on the flight from Melbourne to Auckland, but we landed before she saw the end (Taz saw the end on the connecting flight to LAX).
I saw a total of 5 movies and nearly the whole first season of Little Britain on the whole flight. As you have probably guessed, I did not sleep. I am soooooo tired right now! Anyway, will maybe write more later, as right now I have a queue of people waiting to use this computer, one of the two at the hotel.
Oh, and Taz says Hi, and toilets really do flush the opposite way here!
Well, later!!!!
*Edit* The movies I saw were: Pan's Labyrinth, Razzle Dazzle, Stranger than Fiction, Dreamgirls and something else, I can't remember what it was ... food was chicken teriyaki with mash and ice cream, steak and veggie pie and ice cream, yoghourt, juice, crackers, a sweet fruit pie thing.

These photo's are from our trip to Santa Monica (duh) on our second day in LA

Monday, 4 June 2007

the Par-tay!!!

Well, on Saturday night was the partay!!
It was a fan-tas-tic night! Thanks everyone who came, you guys made it such a great time!!
If you weren't there, you missed out big time!!!
Leah and Bek wrote a song for us, they were going to give us a copy of the lyrics, but unfortunately they haven't yet, otherwise I would be putting them up now instead of all this rambling of mine. But, when they do, I will be putting it up for those who weren't there, and for those who were and just want to relive their fantastic contribution to the night, thanks to Gids too for playing guitar!!
So, anyway, leaving ......TOMORROW!!!
I can't believe how quickly it has come around.
Just heard from Taz before, thank you to all who were at Shane and Carly's last night, I appreciate your prayers for the time I will be away.
The next post will be from Taz and me in the US!!
Well, later...

Monday, 28 May 2007

last days

Well, I had my last day of work today, I can now join the unemployed line in centrelink. I am officially unemployed! It feels good in a strange way, I may never go back to work at Toyota ever again ...


Hey peeeps,
well tiff has been helping me in stayin in contact with now i am on this.....other wise i would not be bothered. Soo every one thank her!!!
Well no more work any more... i am a bludger!!!! Which has always been my lifes ambition!! Well only for five months...
well i have no real importance in what i am i will type when i am over until next weekish!!! well until then...luv you all

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

tickets Tickets TICKETS!!!!!

Taz and I went and picked up our stuff from the travel agent today!!! We went through STA to organise our entire trip, our lovely travel agent was Julie from RMIT. She has been on a contiki herself (similar to the one we are going on), so she has some experience with that part of our trip and has given us some very important advice about some of the optional extras you can go on, which I think we should take note of :)
We got our contiki packages, our tickets, transfer and hotel info and I got my insurance info (Taz got insurance through CCUSA so didn't have to worry about all that extra paperwork).
So it's all going ahead now, there is no going back ....
On this day in two weeks, we will be in LA, having coffee maybe, who knows!
Later ...

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

2 weeks to go!

This time in 13 days Taz and I will be at the airport, checking in, for our flight at noon on our way to LAX!!! Thats just a bit exciting.

Friday, 18 May 2007

the Moron with the car

You remember how I put up on Tuesday about the guy at work, then on Wednesday about the quotes, well.
Huh, well, I have found out that the $200 I gave him he pocketed. Thats right, he's not even going to pretend to go and get the dint fixed, he just put the money straight into his pocket. I mean, what a moron.
When he came in on Tuesday and told me I had dinted his car, I started to cry, I can't afford this.
Not now.
And, he was so sincere about it all, only 2 months old, reselling value, ect.
I only have 6 more shifts at work. I am not getting any more money after that. Not until I finish up at camp. I barely have any savings right now because I am trying to pay all my bills before I go so nothing gets disconnected or anything like that. I'm kinda freaking out about the money situation, I can't believe he did that to me. I didn't have a care about money until this happened.
Oh well, at least I'm not involved now, so thats a good thing.
I just want to scream at him. He's not going to use it the way it was intended to be used.

hours in flight time

I was a bit bored at work today, and well, I figured out how many hours exactly we will be spending on airplanes (just the bits where we are actually flying and getting very tired arms).
It's kinda scary when you think about it. I mean as in the amount of time we will be spending over large water areas... LOST. Yes, I know it's not real, but still...
Anyway, the total is ..... 65 hours, 5 minutes. Or 2 days, 17 hours and 5 minutes.
More news, it seems another person from Perlman is going to be leaving the same day as us as well. She is from Brisbane and Taz and I will hopefully be meeting up with her in New Zealand on our connecting flight to LAX.
It also dawned on me today that this time next month I will be somewhere completely unknown to me with a bunch of people I don't know!
17 days!!!
2 weeks and 3 days til we leave!!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

the outcome

The guy at work got back to me about his car door last night.
He comes over and says, "I'm glad you're sitting down, you might not like this."
So he shows me the quote he got from the Toyota registered repairer. It was 2 pages long and was going to cost $850! Which meant I would be better off calling my insuranc company and paying the excess of $500. I was horrified, after all all it is is a small dint in the rear door, on the quote there were like 30 things that needed to be done.
I told him, "No Way am I paying for that!"
Then he said, "Hang on, I went to my local guy, told him what happened and that you are leaving to go overseas in 3 weeks and he said he would not put it on the books and gave me this." And he handed me a business card with a quote of $200 and it was signed by the owner.
I said, "Ok, I have the money here now, I thought you would come over today to tell me what was happening," I pulled 4 crisp $50 notes out of my wallet, "If I give you this, I will not hear anything more about this?"
"No, thats it."
18 days til we leave!!!
22 days til camp!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Bad things always happen in 3's

Last night I was at my parents place and their psycho cat went crazy because she didn't realise I was behind her and scratched the hell out my hand (stung like crazy) and made me bleed everywhere, went though masses of tissues trying to stop the bleeding from my little finger. When I went home was feeling rather ill, felt like I was gonna throw up and stuff. I thought, if I'm feeling like this in the morning, I'll call in sick and I'll go to the doctors. When I got up this morning I was feeling great! Crisis over. Or so I thought....
This morning I got to work nice and early, half closed the front car door (it tends to lock itself quite a bit, gotta be careful) and opened the back door of my car so I could grab my bag. Then I realised I hadn't grabbed my access card so I could get inside work. So, I left the back door open and leaned in the front door to grab the card from the console. As I was doing this a massive gust of wind came up and banged both doors into the 2 month old Rav4 parked next to me. I quickly reached up and grabbed the front door. Then I locked my car and came into start my shift. I forgot about it and got to work for the day.
About an hour ago a guy who I work with comes in the front door, holding his car keys and asks me if I parked my car next to a silver Rav when I came in this morning. I said "Yes, I did"
"Did anything happen when you parked? Did one of your doors hit my car at all?"
"Oh no! When my doors got blown open by the massive wind gust did it leave leave a mark on your car? I didn't realise they had actually made contact"
"Yes, but, I managed to rub off the mark from the front door, but the back door left a dint and took a bit of paint off as well."
"I'm so sorry, there was a huge gust of wind and it blew my doors open. I'm so sorry! I would have told you straight away when I came in, if I had known it was your car! Well, you had better figure this out quickly, I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks, so get to it and get it repaired so I can pay before I go"
"How much is your excess? Is it the usual, $500? Because if it is, it probably isn't going to cost that much to get fixed, what I can do is just go see my repairer and whatever he quotes you can pay, it'll probably only be about $100"
By now I'm so upset, I don't need this!!! That's money I need to live off when I go away.
This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening!! Where am I going to get this money from?
I should have just called in sick, then this would never have happened.
There's one more thing that has to happen now you know; bad things always happen in threes to me.

3 weeks from today, Taz and I are leaving the country.

This time next month, Taz and I will be in the USA!!! In Pennsylvania!!! At CAMP!!
It's kinda getting to the stage where I'm soo soo soo excited, but, freaking out as well. There is so much stuff I still need to get done and I've only got 3 more weeks from today to do it in!! Scary!!
Well, later.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Going away party!!!!

Taz and I are now figuring out all the details so we can organise our going away party.
I can now exclusively reveal to you all that it will be on Saturday 2 June. No idea about any other details however.

Pre-departure meeting

So, today Taz, Joanna and I went to the pre-departure meeting at Melbourne Uni.
I had done some research and knew where Melb Uni was from city. But, when we actually got on the tram from front of RMIT we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk a few blocks up, but, hey it was all good excercise for camp!!!! And good experience for getting used to getting lost!!
Anyway, we finally found Union House at 12.30 and once we got in we had to sit and listen to a few people talking for nearly 4 hours! Taz hadn't eaten all day (silly girl) and we were starving by the time we got out. We also bumped into a few other people Taz and Jo knew who are also going to other camps in the US. We finally left and had lunch at 5pm at Hungry Jacks. Really nutricious stuff.
So, now all we have to worry about is getting to our flights on time, in 5 weeks and 1 day.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

First Blog Post EVER!

Well, I finally got around to starting this blog. My intention is to try and post updates regularily while I'm away to keep whoever wants to know what Taz and I are up to informed! But, currently, we haven't yet left.
Taz will also (hopefully) sign up with blogger as well and put up posts occasionally on this blog.
So, it's just all lead up, until Tuesday June 5! When we are leaving at noon.
Now, that is only 37 days away. Or, 5 weeks and 3 days. So, not long at all.
Well, later

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