Tuesday, 11 September 2007

the end ....

Am in Amsterdam now, second last day of trip ... so sad!! But, so good as well, we are all starting to get on each others nerves! Alot!!
There are only 25 of us on trip and of those, only 4 eligable guys, there are seven all together, but, two are married and doing this Contiki with their wives and one of the boys is gay.
So, well ... I have spent the last two travel days writing postcards, which i will be posting tomorrow in Amsterdamage. Just got back from a sex show, am planning (I hope to go out for something interesting later tonight).
Anyway, looking into coming home early as I have run out of money ... am going to find an STA in morning and see if I can change flights. A bit sad a bout that, but, I 'm not going to be able to stay in London if I have no money.
Later ...

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