Saturday, 15 September 2007

going home ... update

So, as I said earlier, I will be coming back early ... actually in a few days, Wednesday 19th September at 9.20am.
So, been in London for 2 days now ... gotta tell you what happened after we left Amsterdam.
So, we left at 8am, had been on the road for nearly 2 hours and the bus lost all power. We hadn't even had a service stop yet. Anyway, had jusat enough power to get through a tunnel and pulled over. We couldn't stay there indeffinately, so a tow truck was called and we were towed (first contiki bus ever to be towed apparantly) and left on the side of an off ramp. We were there for 7 hours. Oh, also, we were the first bus to be in Belgium longer than a few hours.
Now, a lot of us were busting for toilets, and where we were, all that could be seen was fields and trees, a tram line and a small parking lot next to a building of some sort.
We ended up going for a walk to explore and see if there were any toilets anywhere around.
Ended up at the office building. Pressed the buzzer a guy let us in to use their toilets. Yay!!
Another thing, our tour manager Ian was going to be leaving us at Calais to join another tour because there were not enough tour managers and he had to take a group on a 10 day tour.
So, finally, after 7 hours of boringness, the bus was ready to go. But, the other bus had been held up and now had to find us on the road so Ian could jump on other bus. And, Baja our driver is only allowed to be on the road for a certain amount of time every day, so, because we were held up for so long, she didn't have enopugh time to go all the way still to London.
We had to get a replacement bus. From Belgium. It took us to Calais. We got on the ferry as foot passangers, said goodbye to Europe and then at the other end we got out and had to find the contiki bus in Dover that was taking us back to the hotel. At least we had a stand in manager to help us!!
Stayed the night at one of the guys we met on contiki's place.
We got into Royal National at 11.30pm.
Really funny thing happened yesterday, Taz and I met up with Joanna and were walking around, and we bumped into one of the guys we were on contiki with!! So weird!!
Umm, wehats been happening ... today we (Taz, Jo and I) went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace ... turns out, it's only every second day, so it wasn't on today. However, we did see the changing of some guards, they were on horseback near Downing St.
We went on the London Eye. And went to Harrods. Harrods is soooooo big!!!
We saw Al Fayed ... whats his name??? Anyway, he was in Harrods, we saw him. He gave a guy who was collecting money for charity $200, and a couple of Viagra tablets!!
Anyway ... thats it for now ...
Later ....

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