Friday, 24 August 2007


Hey there guys .... well, it´s been a while ....
So, what have I been up too??
After leaving camp ... actually, it was more of a getting kicked out ... We were all driven to some place called Moticello ... there was a bus port there, bus was full left without us, we got on another bus which took us to some random town in the middle of nowhere. Got on another bus, finally got into New Yorkl City at 1 or something. We left camp at 8am. It´s usually a 3 hour drive.
Taz and I got a room at Jazz on the City after we found out there were no free rooms in the city ... walked in, there were 4 guys in it!! Interesting ... made some new friends who live in London and have been at camp as well.
Got to JFK at 6am for our flight at 9am. It was then delayed for 2 hours. Got to LAX and walked around to international terminal .... the queue went out the door and down the side of the walkway. We just walked up to the front door and were told we could go dtraight into book in, becasue we had no bags to check in.
That was pretty cool.
After waiting on the runway for a while we finally took off. Got into Heathrow, we waited on the runway again for ages.
Onto the contiki!!!! YAY!!!!
So, we left London at 6am I think it was. Straight onto Paris. Very nice, spent the day wandering around, went to a little place for dinner in Montmart. Had snails and duck. Drank way way way too much!!!
Then we went to a cabaret. Drank a lot more. I had so much to drink I threw up for the first time ever in my life. Of course in the morning I did not have a hangover. Yay. I lost my glasses. Didn´t get them back. Can´t see.
There´s another insurance claim I need to make.
Good night though!! Oh, also, turns out one of the girls on the tour, I used to work with at Hungry Jacks, Katherine. So freaky!!
Onto Beujolai Wine Region. The night we got there, we had a party in ´the cave´ their nightclub at the Chateu, it was a beach theme. A few of the staff went in bikinis. Funny as, especially their tan lines!! We all went for a walk to ´The Top of The World´ the next day and had a lovely picnic. Really nice!!
Today we left there and drove all the way to Barcelona. 12 hours in a bus. Not yay.
Anyway, gotta stop now, my time has nearly run out and I have no more change for the computer.

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Kellie said...

OMG Tiffany! It sounds EXACTLY like my trip down to the cave and the spewing. Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back and compare notes. See you soon!

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