Wednesday, 29 August 2007


So ... I am in an internat cafe in Italy, Firenze. It is so beautiful here!! Today has been a really nice slightly warm day compared to the last week, where it was stinking hot everywhere. After Boujoulai wine region we went to Barcelona for a day, saw a flamenco show one night. Then we went to Nice and Monaco two days ago. Monaco was like being in the Truman Show. Everything is so perfect, it was really un-natural. Taz and I felt really out of place there. Yesterday we travelled to Italy. We had our first service stop in Italy, afectionatley known as the Pizza sercie, becasue it's the first time you get to have really Italian pizza.
Oh, I should mention, between the border of Italy to our accomodation in Florence there are 187 tunnels. I counted them, was determined I was not going to spend the whole day on the bus asleep like everyone else.
Umm ... well, I don't have much time left on the computer, so I'll leave it there.

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