Sunday, 5 August 2007

harry potter & philly

Other stuff I didn't mention, that I should have, I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in a day and a half. I have also read My Sisters Keeper and Ninteen Minutes both by Jodi Picoult. Really good, loved them both.
The day off before last I went to Philly, Philadelphia is beautiful!! It's kinda like the Sunshine Coast except there's more people. It's so relaxed and no car horns honking constantly. Went to South St and had lunch at a great Turkish place. Also went to a little shop called Guacamole, it was a funky little clothing shop, I almost bought a top like a massive hanky. But, it was like $45, a bit to expensive. Saw the decleration of independance. Walked up the Rocky steps (sorry ,I mean, ran) photo's, photo's and more photo's. Saw the LOVE sign.
Yesterday was a day off for me again and I went to Binghamton. Again. Got some esentials for the rest of the trip, travel space bags, a new maglite; finally. I don't know if I said about the pios being idiots and stealing and killing my new pink one. Well, I got a nice silver one, becuase they don't have any pink in stock. It's still good though, camp are giving me my money back once I can give them the receipt for the new maglite. I also printed a few photos (about 150) and tried on heaps of clothes. I bought two new tops, and underwear, everything gets ruined by the laundry company and well, washing by hand only gets you so far.
Well, I have to go, getting The Look.

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