Friday, 17 August 2007

leaving tomorrow ...

Well, our camp adventure is nearly over, Taz and I leave tomorrow. At 8am. It's actually time to go to bed, but, well, I didn't realise what the time was until a few minutes ago.
Sent a couple of packages home today, so Kellie, keep your eyes open for one :)
All the packages actually didn't cost as much as I thought they would. so that was good. I even had enough cash to pay instead of using my credit card.
Everyone has been drinking most of the night, but, I was trying to jam as much stuff into my bag as possible! If you want, or have a facebook account, look me up and check out some of my photo's. There aren't all my photos there, but a couple is better than none!!
So, it is deffinately time for bed ...
Later ....

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