Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Bad things always happen in 3's

Last night I was at my parents place and their psycho cat went crazy because she didn't realise I was behind her and scratched the hell out my hand (stung like crazy) and made me bleed everywhere, went though masses of tissues trying to stop the bleeding from my little finger. When I went home was feeling rather ill, felt like I was gonna throw up and stuff. I thought, if I'm feeling like this in the morning, I'll call in sick and I'll go to the doctors. When I got up this morning I was feeling great! Crisis over. Or so I thought....
This morning I got to work nice and early, half closed the front car door (it tends to lock itself quite a bit, gotta be careful) and opened the back door of my car so I could grab my bag. Then I realised I hadn't grabbed my access card so I could get inside work. So, I left the back door open and leaned in the front door to grab the card from the console. As I was doing this a massive gust of wind came up and banged both doors into the 2 month old Rav4 parked next to me. I quickly reached up and grabbed the front door. Then I locked my car and came into start my shift. I forgot about it and got to work for the day.
About an hour ago a guy who I work with comes in the front door, holding his car keys and asks me if I parked my car next to a silver Rav when I came in this morning. I said "Yes, I did"
"Did anything happen when you parked? Did one of your doors hit my car at all?"
"Oh no! When my doors got blown open by the massive wind gust did it leave leave a mark on your car? I didn't realise they had actually made contact"
"Yes, but, I managed to rub off the mark from the front door, but the back door left a dint and took a bit of paint off as well."
"I'm so sorry, there was a huge gust of wind and it blew my doors open. I'm so sorry! I would have told you straight away when I came in, if I had known it was your car! Well, you had better figure this out quickly, I'm leaving the country in 3 weeks, so get to it and get it repaired so I can pay before I go"
"How much is your excess? Is it the usual, $500? Because if it is, it probably isn't going to cost that much to get fixed, what I can do is just go see my repairer and whatever he quotes you can pay, it'll probably only be about $100"
By now I'm so upset, I don't need this!!! That's money I need to live off when I go away.
This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening!! Where am I going to get this money from?
I should have just called in sick, then this would never have happened.
There's one more thing that has to happen now you know; bad things always happen in threes to me.

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