Monday, 28 May 2007

last days

Well, I had my last day of work today, I can now join the unemployed line in centrelink. I am officially unemployed! It feels good in a strange way, I may never go back to work at Toyota ever again ...


Anonymous said...

hey girls, this blog rocks!!! ev smells funky!!!! love jo.

Anonymous said...

hey, thats not me!!!
Someone hijacked my identity!!!! AAAHHHHH! Give me back my life!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK heres the comment I promised I'd leave. and this time, it really is me.
Hope you guys have an absolutely AMAZING time in the States- I will definately be thinking about you guys a lot, and how you are going at camp etc.
Can't WAIT! to meet up in London- and don't worry, i will be sending frequent reminders so you dont forget to pick me up=]]
Love yas! xo
Taryn... ;)

Rosie said...

Hi Girls
Hope you are having a great time, meeting heaps of people and meeting lots of cute boys.

Love you both


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