Thursday, 17 May 2007

the outcome

The guy at work got back to me about his car door last night.
He comes over and says, "I'm glad you're sitting down, you might not like this."
So he shows me the quote he got from the Toyota registered repairer. It was 2 pages long and was going to cost $850! Which meant I would be better off calling my insuranc company and paying the excess of $500. I was horrified, after all all it is is a small dint in the rear door, on the quote there were like 30 things that needed to be done.
I told him, "No Way am I paying for that!"
Then he said, "Hang on, I went to my local guy, told him what happened and that you are leaving to go overseas in 3 weeks and he said he would not put it on the books and gave me this." And he handed me a business card with a quote of $200 and it was signed by the owner.
I said, "Ok, I have the money here now, I thought you would come over today to tell me what was happening," I pulled 4 crisp $50 notes out of my wallet, "If I give you this, I will not hear anything more about this?"
"No, thats it."
18 days til we leave!!!
22 days til camp!!!!

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