Wednesday, 23 May 2007

tickets Tickets TICKETS!!!!!

Taz and I went and picked up our stuff from the travel agent today!!! We went through STA to organise our entire trip, our lovely travel agent was Julie from RMIT. She has been on a contiki herself (similar to the one we are going on), so she has some experience with that part of our trip and has given us some very important advice about some of the optional extras you can go on, which I think we should take note of :)
We got our contiki packages, our tickets, transfer and hotel info and I got my insurance info (Taz got insurance through CCUSA so didn't have to worry about all that extra paperwork).
So it's all going ahead now, there is no going back ....
On this day in two weeks, we will be in LA, having coffee maybe, who knows!
Later ...

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DJMitch said...

It will be so quiet with Tiff out of the country, she only has enough money for a one way trip, or so she says, oh well, she'll have to stay in Holland and ummmmm, "make some money on the side" to pay for her way home, Good Luck then Tiff !

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