Monday, 4 June 2007

the Par-tay!!!

Well, on Saturday night was the partay!!
It was a fan-tas-tic night! Thanks everyone who came, you guys made it such a great time!!
If you weren't there, you missed out big time!!!
Leah and Bek wrote a song for us, they were going to give us a copy of the lyrics, but unfortunately they haven't yet, otherwise I would be putting them up now instead of all this rambling of mine. But, when they do, I will be putting it up for those who weren't there, and for those who were and just want to relive their fantastic contribution to the night, thanks to Gids too for playing guitar!!
So, anyway, leaving ......TOMORROW!!!
I can't believe how quickly it has come around.
Just heard from Taz before, thank you to all who were at Shane and Carly's last night, I appreciate your prayers for the time I will be away.
The next post will be from Taz and me in the US!!
Well, later...


Anonymous said...

RIGHT NOW (at this very moment) - we're BOTH sitting in front of a screen. Mine- is a computer screen. at work. in an office. YOURS .. on the other hand- is connected to a chair, in front of u, on an airplane, bound for LA. MUCH more exciting. ha!
Hope the trip was awesome, & i bet you guys are LOVIN' it!!! =]]] cya round NY or somethin'!! xoxo Jo

Anonymous said...

Hey there gals, no doubt the trip was one to remember! You both remind me of an old show on tv called 'that girl'. She is this chick who has a unique/cool style and shines in everything she does. She's a little goofy (which is totally cool) and takes life on full steam ahead, experiencing everything and enjoying life to the fullest. Have a awesome time! Will keep an eye on here for all your latest adventures.
Luv you heaps gals. Justine xxx

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