Saturday, 9 June 2007

camp stuff

Ok, Taz and I arrived yesterday with about 20 other people on a bus from New York to Camp. It was supposed to be a 3 hour trip but it took more like 4 and a half hours instead. But that was okay as I slept most of the way. The kids don't arrive until 23rd of the month. Until then Taz is currently doing a life guarding course and I am helping to clean up and tidy the art craft room (Huge job!) I am going to be doing art and crafts with JB and Aaron and Bonnie in the mornings then working in the office in the afternoons.
Today is Shabbat so the office is not open, but starting tomorrow afternoon I will be in the office answering phones and passing on messages to the camp director and others.
JB was pulling stuff out of the storage room this morning and came across boxes of stuff that belonged to people who are no longer working here. The boxes had clothes and stuff in them so JB, Blake and I were going through everything claiming clothing for our own. I now have another pair of sneakers and some more long pants to keep warm (it gets pretty cold of a night time) I also lost my boxers today, I wore them to bed last night then this arvo I was in my room tidying and they are no longer there! I'm hoping they are hiding underneath something else and I will find them tonight otherwise I won't have anything to bed!
Well, I will be getting some photos up soon, as I now have access to a nice new computer and I can plug my camera in no problems.
Until then,


Kellie said...

Hey Tiff! It was great to chat to u on msn yesterday. I t was like you were just cross the kitchen table LOL! You seem to be losing alot of things lately so be careful. I hope your boxers turn up (is there a panty napper on the loose?)and you get back your insulin (far more important). Catch you again soon.XX

Rosie said...

Hi Tiff

NY sounds great!!!!! What are the other leaders like? I got one of chrissy's foster kids to do my hair and it just was not the same. l don't know how i am coping! Are you sleeping in the same cabin as Taz?

Love you stacks


Rosie said...

I cant believe it but l just brushed the horse and gave it an apple to eat. It got excited and turned around. Very weird experience.


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