Friday, 15 June 2007

movies, bbq, first camp fire for the summer!!

If all my days are as boring as the last few, and I am lucky enough to sit in front of a computer screen as well, you may be getting lots of updates on whats going on.

I suppose that is a good point of being in the office every afternoon. When I need to write stuff, I don't need to worry about waiting for a day or night off to do it!

So, all I've been doing since last Sunday is manning the phones in the office. It's not too bad, but, at the same time I would love to be out doing other stuff, like cleaning the art craft room, anything where I'm not all alone in a room by myself, even Joe's gone off somewhere til Sunday, so I really am in the office all by myself :(

Last night we had our first camp fire night. It was so much fun! Itay and Amitai who are both great musicians spent the afternoon setting up a little area for their instruments, speaker, mics and music and we all sat around the fire and they also had an open mic, so a few people got up and sang, David from London also sang a few songs. They're all fantastic players of instruments, but, unforntunately, not much on the singging front, so hopefully some great singers come in today on the staff bus.

Thats the other thing, at the moment, there are about 60 or 70 of us at camp, today we are expecting most of the rest of the staff to arrive, so thats like, 120/130 more people, but, they're not all coming today, some will be arriving throughout this weekend, so, by Sunday night, we will be at our full compliment of 200 staff so we can start Staff Week on Sunday night!

Then the first kids arrive on Sunday 24th June.

Later ...

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