Saturday, 9 June 2007

x we are here x

Well, hello avid readers!
Taz and I are now at camp!!! We arrived about 2 hours ago (5.45ish) and then had tea. Which was absolutely scrumptious! But, enough about that, I need to tell you about New York.
We got in at our hotel at about 11.30 last night and decided to go for a walk down to times square, since it is only a few blocks away. It was a little further than a few blocks but that was ok as were both quite hungry and ended up having Maccas for tea, so we needed to work off the junk food.
So, we get to Times Square and it is packed! It was like walking around Melbourne at about 9 in the morning. We took masses of photos (unfortunately I can't post them as there is no way for me to connect my camera to the computers at camp). It was amazing! But, the smell was horrible, we reckon we experienced about 50 new smells like never before!
We both bought a painting each of New York (was $20 each, but we got him down to $15 for both).
On the way back to the hotel (sorry, Y it was a dive the room was about as big as a closet) we saw a couple of black guys kissing; and I mean KISSING. I think they got more into it the closer we got to them. So, we just ignored them and kept walking.

Garbage on the street/sidewalk in New York City.

We got back at about 2.30am and went to bed. Up at 7.30am and we went to find more food for breakfast and a looonnnggg walk to the Empire State building, which we ended up not getting to because we ran out of time, but we got some more awesome photos as well at the Chrysler Building (which was just around the corner from the Y). Made the bus to camp with time to spare and now, we are at camp!! Oh, I should also mention the bus driver, he was really cool and got us completely lost! But we obviously made it safe and sound. There is so much stuff happening in New York, it truly is the city that never sleeps.
Taz says "Hi!"

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Kellie said...

PLEEEASE tell us about camp... Are the kids their yet? What about the other leaders? Any scarey experiences in NY??? Hey Tiff, miss your car on the grass. Am home alone this weekend...weird.

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