Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ILC (Island Lake Camp or I Like Camp)

I just wrote this whole big thing about this and then lost the connection, lost it all. Now I've gotta do it again.
So, here goes ...
Last night ... oh my goodness, last night we went to Island Lake Camp to play.
On Sunday at lunch Joe (camp director) told us we had been invited to another local camp in the area to learn a new game called KongPong, that they had invented and thoght we night want to play with our kids when they get here.
So, as we are driving up to their camp, driving though their camp grounds and all their buildings look brand new, like they were built last week kind of thing. Their lake was 20 times bigger that our lake. With a pool that is twice the size of ours as well. But, we do have a better slide than them.
Anyway, as we pull up in our 7 minivans right next to their 6 tennis courts with lighting, right next to their lake. they are playing a game on the tennis courts. They stop, in unison and start clapping and chanting. Now I don't mean normal clapping I mean *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* rythmic clapping *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* they were the worst kind of clappers, they were Happy Clappers. They also threw in some WHOOing as well.
We start getting a little worried. What have we got ourselves into??
So, the camp director welcomes us and we all start mingling and getting into teams combing both our camps, BBPC (sorry, I don't think I have given the full name of camp yet, it is B'nai B'rith Perlman Camp) and ILC.
My team consisted of: BBPC Graeme, Amber, Taryn, me. ILC Lauren, Dustin and Aaron.
Okay, so onto the rules of this brand new fast spreading game, KongPong. It is a cross between tennis (you play on a tennis court), volleyball (you use a volleyball) and soccer (you can hit the ball with our feet and head as well as your hands). One player serves, when you serve, you can hit or kick the volleyball from anywhere behind the back line. The ball must get over to the other side of the court, the other team. The ball must bounce once between each person hiting/kicking it. It can only be hit/kicked 3 times before it must get to the other side of the net and the other team has posession of it. If the volleyball bounces more than once, it is out.
Some of the teams had only a few members 6 or 7 while other teams were up to 15, which made playing a lot harder because there wasn't much room in their court for bouncing balls.
Some of the teams were really into it. I must admit, we were a bit, but not as much as some of the other teams. They were doing chants and more clapping before they faced each new team. Some of them were rather strange. There was one team who had three girls (I think they were sisters) who were all wearing black tank tops, black legings and bright green shorts. They were pretty into it. Very competitive. One girl in the team next to us was wearing fluro yellow shorts and had painted her legs yellow as well. I must admit however, we did some clapping at one stage before a game .... we decided, never again.
Taz and I think there were only about 2 or 3 Aussies there, and we only knew that because they were wearing Footy jerseys (one guy had a western bulldogs jersey). But, most of them were Americans. We've got spirit yes we do! BBPC is mostly Israelis, Russians and Aussies with a few Americans thown in.
Aaron was like the captain I suppose, he was always telling us "We're doing Great!" Dustin was the guy who got all the long shots or Taz got to them first. And Lauren, all the ILC guys were constantly picking on her. Poor girl. When they left her alone, she was pretty good at playing KongPong. At one point, she was up to serve and we had just had another rotation, so all the teams around us stopped and started clapping and chanting "Lauren! Lauren! Lauren! Lauren!" And our opposing team was so into it they completely missed hitting the ball! That was pretty funny!! Amber was pretty good at serving and so was everyone else. Graeme just turned up when no one else was there to do a great hit of the ball. If my life had depended on my serving the ball I would be dead now. Not once did I manage to get the volleyball over that bloody net! I wasn't very good, but I did manage to get a few good hits and kicks in at various points of the evening. That was a good point of my team, everyone had a chance at everything. A few of the others from BBPC were telling me once their team found out they were particularily good or bad at something they were put in one place and not allowed to go anywhere else.
We got talking to the ILC guys in our team and found out they some of them have been there for 3 weeks!
So, after about an hour of playing KongPong we all got back together in the centre of the courts and the *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* rythmic clapping *clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap* and don't forget, WHOOing as well, began again.
Then they all formed a path to the end gate of the tennis courts with their hands out and we each had to run through the centre of them all with our hands out and give each other 5 as we left their camp, slapping them 5s. And of course, there was more WHOOOing. It all was rather bizzar.
I think of it as they have been in the Big Brother house for 3 weeks, they have not had any outside contact in that time apart from themselves (when more people come in from the "outside") and we are like intruders into their "house".
So, when we eventually left (counting a total of 12 tennis courts in what we saw of the camp), we thought they must have been on drugs or something, they were so darn happy!
We got back to BBPC and as we all pulled up and got out of the minivans we all started clapping in unison. So funny!!
Taz is like right next to me now, she says "Hi! Love you Ev, Leah and Bek bek bek". i am running late for my life guarding course....see what i do for u girls!!!
Taz just had a test yesterday, which she was studying for like a madwoman and of course passed.
Don't forget to send us some mail!!! We are sooo out in the middle of no-where if you can tell my the company we kept last night! Anyway, thats enough typing for one day I think.
Later ...

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Kellie said...

Oh Tiff...that was sooooo LONG!!! But I loved reading every word. It was just like being there, but not... I even had a visual picture of it that began with the Top Gun beach volleyball scene but then sort of morphed into a weird camp of howdy doodys. Love you, keep writing tomes because I'll keep reading them even if no one else does!

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