Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I'm an idiot!!

Hi again guys!

I have a tan! I didn't have anything better to do the other day, so was helping out the athletics department with cleaning up the boys side baseball field. I got so burned!! But, now it has evened out and i'm nice and brown.

Tuesday night was the first divisional night for Junior girls and boys. It was a pool party. I was sitting outside the pool and had just taken off my flip-flops, I have a really noticable tan line on my feet, it looks like I've got on my thongs even when I don't!!!

So, as you can probably guess from this, it has been pretty hot and humid over the last few days. and finally the nights have gotten a little warmer, I don't need to go to bed with all my winter clothes on and anything else I can find to keep me warm!

It seems like no one is ever happy with the weather, its either too hot or too cold. And today turned out to be a Melbourne day!!!

After the pool party on Tuesday night we had our first official night off (except of course for those who were sitting od, On Duty). Went into Hancock, which is about 15 minutes away to go to the pub and have a few drinks. Unfortunately, if you were under 21 and decided to go and also had no fake id saying you were over 21, there is nothing else to do.

It was also kinda scary walking in Hancock, before we got off the bus that dropped us off, the driver told us to not walk around alone. And, as we were all walking towards the pub, there were all these menacing guys standing around. Then it hit me, the fact that I'm in a small town, in America where the residents are allowed to carry guns. I'm never walking anywhere alone in Hancock of a night.

Anyway, that was 5 days ago when I wrote the above. Taz got burned yesterday, her legs and shoulders are sooo red, I bought aloe vera gel today on my day off for her to put on. Oh, and she has been putting on sunscreen all day everyday, so it's not that.

I will now explain why this post is called "I'm an idiot"

Last night, I was walking up the steps of my bunk (number 13) and I tripped, I wacked my left hand and my left shoulder on the post next to the steps and my left big toe on the step above that I had missed. Two of my cabin mates were on the porch and were asking me if I was ok and I just got up and said "Yes, I'm, owww fine, owww, but my toe is really sore". I walked into the cabin then looed down at my foot, half my toenail had disappeared. Instead there was a lovely exposed area that was oozing blood. Extremely painful. Oh, the reason I did so much damage to my foot, I was wearing thongs. So, cut a long story short, I'm not allowed to wear open toed shoes for the rest of summer and am hobbling everywhere.


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justin said...

my god tiffany!

HAHA cant u like, go on a holiday and NOT injure urself! i mean seriously!

and ur foot again? lol thats why i think i will knickname u hop-a-long!

where are my postcards!!!!! still waiting!!!

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