Wednesday, 6 June 2007

the first leg ....

Hi all, well, after a few delays and a lot of being held up we finally made it to LAX!!!
After Taz and I finally got through the gate when everyone was saying goodbye, our flight was delayed for 50 minutes!! I had a grand total of $11 in Aussie money so decided to try to spend some of it since we had to wait for what we thougtht was such a long time. I didn't spend it.
When we finally got on the flight, the food was amazing, I have never had airline food that tasted so good before! So, make sure you all fly with AirNew Zealand when going international. We each had our own personal TV screen (on both legs) and got to choose what we wanted to see or listen to. And also got to choose which one of the two dishes.
Taz started watching Wild Hogs on the flight from Melbourne to Auckland, but we landed before she saw the end (Taz saw the end on the connecting flight to LAX).
I saw a total of 5 movies and nearly the whole first season of Little Britain on the whole flight. As you have probably guessed, I did not sleep. I am soooooo tired right now! Anyway, will maybe write more later, as right now I have a queue of people waiting to use this computer, one of the two at the hotel.
Oh, and Taz says Hi, and toilets really do flush the opposite way here!
Well, later!!!!
*Edit* The movies I saw were: Pan's Labyrinth, Razzle Dazzle, Stranger than Fiction, Dreamgirls and something else, I can't remember what it was ... food was chicken teriyaki with mash and ice cream, steak and veggie pie and ice cream, yoghourt, juice, crackers, a sweet fruit pie thing.

These photo's are from our trip to Santa Monica (duh) on our second day in LA


Kellie said...

Hey Tiff and Taz! Glad you made it safe. Everything is the same here so LIVE IT UP! Look forward to hearing more...

Kellie said...

Oh yeah Tiff, you got an encouragement card form Megs thanking you for all the work you did over the years on the newsletter and telling you to have an awesome trip. Hows that for response slips service!

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls

Glad you had a safe trip!!looking forward to reading all about what you guys are doing.


justin said...

hey, whats LAX stand for? los Angeles something?

u didnt say what movies u saw and what u ate that was so good! ur probably at camp now...whats it like there? post us all a linky so we can see the website.

eh ive just finished its 3:20am...time for sleeps!

oh...hows ur swanky new hat and sunnies looking in LA?

nite tiffanary :)

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