Friday, 15 June 2007

Bek is for u!!!!!

Bek bek YOung,
i just checked my free voice message thing and u left me a message!!!! like the day after i left tell me that i will be missing out on M>>>>BOOOBS. i am spewin well i know u well have a great time.... thanks for the message it was great to hear a voice i reconized!!! thanks LUV U YEAPS


Sim said...

i'll save you a seat!

(for those unsure - BOOOBS = Michael Buble! :) )

hope you are still both looks/reads like you are.

Bek Bek Young

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tiff and Taz,

Just caught up on your latest adventures all in one sitting. Man you guys sound like you are having a ball, and meeting some really wonderfully strange people - how awesome is God. I recon he laughs at us all and all the funny things we do too! Met another Tiffany at church Sunday week ago. Had to ask her to leave, just wasn't the same. (no really I did - no sorry I couldn't do that...really!!!)
Miss you guys.

Stay safe!

Luv and Prayers
Justine xxx

Anonymous said...

hey tiff
Andrea here I dunno what I am doing but shit it is bloody cold here, guess what------ i got my SC liscense Luv ya and have a gr8 time

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