Monday, 11 June 2007

im in!!!

HEy guys,
well it has taken me a week to figure out how to get into this program...i could not remember what login and password i put i had to hack my way\any who... i am sure tiff has been keeping every one up to date....i have been doing my life guarding course its pretty fun... had our first exam today out of three...i passed which was a great start... havin a great time here...not many people around at the moment....but we will have all our staff here on firday so then 200 people will be here and make this huge camp look like some thing is going on.....well i gtg lunch it took me ages to get into this page...soooo slow computers!!! ahh well it has the net sooo thats pretty cool.... mum and dad when u read this can u send me ur email addresss so i can write u guys an email..... thanks u
and piece out!!!!


Kellie said...

Hey Taz! If it wasnt for Tiff, you'd be screwed! Well at least we know what ur up to even if it's not you telling us. Anyway, life is boring here and wish I was there instead...

Anonymous said...

Hi Taryn,
Glad to hear you arrived safely and have already begun the journey of the unknown and unprepared of travelling overseas. It will all go so quickly so enjoy every new experience as it comes along, stay safe and always think even if it's only for a moment before you make a decision and then go for it. I'll catch up with your Mum for coffee soon and Claire is already looking forward to catching up with you and Joanna in the UK in September.
Enjoy your adventure,
Love and Shalom

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