Monday, 25 June 2007

reviewing the past week

Well, it's been a week, maybe more since the last posting.
It's been pretty full on. We had staff training week and didn't stop all week.
Yesterday was my first day back in the office, I am in there with another lady called Ronnie, she is the office manager. And Diane, who has absolutely no idea about what to do in an office at all. But, she is nice.
Taz and I have new names as well, I am now called Trish (there was a vote of about 7 people on Friday night and they all agreed I look like a Trish and so, that is now my new name at camp.
Also, the other night we had international day planning. Taz is now known as Shaz. She did not volunteer, it was thrust upon her!
On the first day of staff training week we had the annual Chili Cook Off. My team did not win, but, considering what the ingredients looked like before we put them in, it turned out to taste fantastic!
Also, on Saturday night we had the annual staff talent night. That was pretty funny!
Good night until one of the kitchen staff got up and did a very erotic dance to a Shakira song.
And, amazingly, most of the boys were turned off by it!
Another thing we did, on Thursday we all went out to the nearest massive shopping mall, and bought two pairs of Sketchers for $50 and a heap of Roxy clothing really cheap. Went to the movies and saw Shrek the Third. And, went to Wal-mart. Oh.My.Goodness!!!! Wal-mart is fantastic!!! I bought a mag lite for $8 and it's the real thing! Also, got a massive packet of Junior Mints (Blake got me addicted on the first day I was here).
I Love Wal-Mart and Old Navy and TJ Max. Great shops. So many bargains.
Anyway, gotta go!! Better Spend soma quality time with my campers!!

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rosie said...

Good to hear you guys are having fun. will send a letter soon


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